Gleitmos verksamhetspolicy


  • Vi skall arbeta aktivt med CSR-frågor för att vårt företag skall ligga längst fram i vår nisch vad gäller socialt ansvar lokalt och globalt i kombination med en långsiktig hållbar utveckling av företaget.
  • Vi skall marknadsföra system som är världsledande i sin respektive nisch.
  • Vi skall inneha ledande kompetens inom våra kärnområden specialsmörjmedel, lim, tätningsmedel och beläggning med torra smörjfilmer.
  • Vi skall erbjuda den bästa och snabbaste servicen samt de kortaste ledtiderna i vår nisch.
  • Vi skall minimera vår miljöpåverkan främst genom att maximera andelen förnyelsebar energi till våra lokaler och tjänstebilar.
  • Vi skall genom vårt verksamhetssystem sträva efter ständig förbättring.
  • Vi skall alltid påverka kunden att använda det mest miljöanpassade produktalternativet i varje applikation
  • Vi skall arbeta för att våra produkter skall ha den fördelaktigaste märkningen enligt gällande lagstiftning.
  • Vi skall minimera utsläpp till omgivningen.

Code of Conduct Gleitmo AB

We respect the personal interests and the private lives of our colleagues. However, it is important to us to avoid conflicts between private and business interests. All our decisions are made exclusively on the basis of objective criteria and we do not allow ourselves to be swayed by personal interests or relations.

Gleitmo’s internal rules on handling gifts, hospitality and invitations to events set out what benefits are appropriate and what steps must be taken when accepting and granting benefits.

The quality of products and services from our company is the key to our success. We do not tolerate corruption. We grant benefits to business partners, customers or other external third parties only within the permissible legal framework and in line with existing internal rules.

Our contacts with public officials and holders of political office are strictly in line with all laws and legislation as well as the relevant internal rules concerning the avoidance of conflicts of interest and corruption. We do not make any “facilitation payments”. Such payments are sums paid to public officials to accelerate routine administration matters.

We carefully check the identity of customers, business partners and other third parties with whom we wish to do business. It is our declared aim to conduct business solely with reputable partners who operate in line with legal provisions and who use resources from legitimate sources.

We strictly comply with the statutory provisions for proper accounting and financial reporting. Transparency and correctness are our top priorities. To that end, we regularly inform all capital market players of our financial position and business developments. We publish our periodic financial statements punctually in accordance with national and international accounting regulations.

We carefully select suppliers and service providers based on objective criteria. When purchasing products and services, we involve the appropriate Purchasing functions as laid down in the applicable procurement rules.

Jonas Lindhe